Golden Lungi and Garments Factory


Project Location :  Safipur, Gazipur


From its humble beginnings as a garments store chain in 1999, Golden Lungi and Garments has quickly become one of the nation’s largest fashion garments& lungi retailers. Golden Lungi and Garments lifestyle store offers quality, exclusive and trendy merchandise to their customers.The store houses Golden Lungi and Garments Top-of the-line brand with other international brands








  Payment Information
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Brac Bank

-- Bank Branch Tajmohol Road, Mohammadpur  Branch
  Account Name Golden Lungi and Garments Factory
  Account Numbe 1543202468119001


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Afsana Group

Office: V-3, Ground Floor,Afsana Tower, Block-D, Noorjahanroad, Mohammadpur,



Corporate Office: 56 NorthRoad, 2nd Floor,Dhanmondi


Fax & Land Ph : 9613949      Mob: 01727701925       email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







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